The Centro offers classes in English, Spanish, Computer and Citizenship. We work with students to determine the most appropriate class level.

There are three terms per year:
Fall term – mid-September through mid-December (12-13 weeks)
Spring term – Mid-January through mid-April (12-13 weeks)
Summer term – May - June (8 weeks)
All classes are from 6:15 pm to 9:00 pm.

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English Classes – 2 nights per week
Students gain confidence in using English through active participation in small, informal classes. There are 4 levels:

English Level 1 is a basic introduction to the language. Students will learn to ask and answer simple questions and carry on simple conversations on topics such as family, home, food, health and jobs. Through interactive dialogues, games and chants, they will practice simple sentence structure using present verb tenses.

English Level 2 is for students who can speak and understand simple spoken English. Students will expand their vocabularies and learn to use past and future tenses, as well as present tenses. Students will participate in conversations, songs, and games and will enhance their skills in reading and writing English. Lessons focus on using the language in practical situations such as eating at a restaurant, planning a trip or visiting the doctor.

English Level 3 students will already have a working knowledge of the basics of English conversation and will be able to read and to write simple paragraphs. They will be introduced to compound verb tenses. The principal objectives of Level 3 are to enhance the students’ fluency, their vocabularies and their comprehension of spoken and written English. Students will actively participate in activities drawn from real life.

English Level 4 encourages students to use idiomatic English in speaking and writing and to carry on discussions about complicated topics, for example, current events. Because students at this level are generally familiar with the fundamental grammatical structures of English, their needs and problems will determine the grammar component of the class.

Spanish Classes – 1 night per week
Spanish classes are taught by native Spanish speakers. There are 4 levels:

Spanish Level 1 class is an introduction to the Spanish language. Students will learn to form and answer simple questions and hold simple conversations on topics such as family, home, food, health and employment. Through interactive dialogues, games and songs, the structure of simple sentences in the present tense will be practiced.

Spanish Level 2 class is for students who already have the ability to form and understand simple sentences. Students will expand their vocabulary in Spanish and learn to use past tenses. The use of the present tense will also continue and students will also be introduced to the combination of tenses. Students will participate in discussions, songs and games and will improve their reading and writing skills at a basic level, but with more understanding on the formation of sentences and phrases. The lessons will focus on the use of the Spanish language for common situations such as ordering in restaurants, planning a trip, visits to the doctor and employment.

Spanish Level 3 class students will already have a working knowledge, but more advanced capacity, in the basics of conversation. At this level students will be expected to have gained the ability to read and write simple sentences. The main objectives of Level 3 will be to improve fluidity, improve vocabulary and improve overall understanding of spoken and written Spanish. After one term in level 3 students will be prepared for basic and brief conversations. After two terms in level 3 students will have finished with the a more advanced conversational ability in anticipation of the level 4 environment.

Spanish Level 4 class encourages students to use idiomatic Spanish when speaking and writing and to conduct discussions on complicated issues of current events. Due to the fact that students in this level students are already familiar with the fundamental structures of Spanish grammar, needs and problems of students will determine the components of the grammar lessons for each class. The class will be conducted in a fun environment. Each student will enjoy the support of his instructor and classmates, along with the opportunity to express themselves in Spanish with confidence.

Basic Computer Skills Classes – meet 1 night per week.
Levels 1-2
Our Basic Computer courses are centered around student needs. We offer levels 1 and 2 depending on the class size and skill level. Our teachers combine their computer knowledge and love of teaching to create a classroom environment that caters to all students with a variety of interests and skill levels.
Computers 1 focuses on how to operate a PC, using a mouse, typing, navigating a web browser, creating an e-mail, and changing computer settings.
Computers 2 focuses on using social media, Youtube, sending and receiving pictures, Microsoft Office (excluding Powerpoint), and typing practice.

Intercambio – meets 1 night a week.
Is an interactive class for native English and Spanish speakers to practice language skills in a fun, informal environment.

Citizenship class – meets 1 night per week.
Designed to guide permanent residents through the process of obtaining US citizenship. The course accepts students of all levels and prepares them to pass the USCIS civics, reading, and writing tests. In one semester the course can bring those already studying to proficiency, or in a few semesters prepare complete novices. The course has one prerequisite, a level 2 or above understanding of English.

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