ESOL: English for Speakers of Other Languages

Our English classes are offered at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Most students attend the same level for more than one semester, and we make sure each semester includes review as well as new topics and activities. With two teachers in every class, you’ll get lots of individual attention. All our English classes include activities to strengthen your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. We help you learn grammar and polish your pronunciation. Lessons organized around themes related to your daily life and work help you learn useful vocabulary. We encourage active participation, and we often break into pairs and groups to practice skills. Dialogues, games and plenty of conversation help you develop fluency and confidence.

LEVEL 1 is our beginning class. You will learn how to talk and write about yourself, your home, and your daily activities, using the past, present and continuous tenses. You’ll learn to ask and answer questions and carry on a simple conversation. You’ll learn the vocabulary you need to ask directions, go shopping, go to the doctor, and talk on the phone.

LEVEL 2 is our intermediate class. You will learn to use past, present, future, continuous and perfect tenses to describe a range of experiences, including your activities, your likes and dislikes, and your ideas and opinions. You will expand your vocabulary to talk with your children?s teachers or manage a job interview. You’ll improve your writing by keeping a journal and preparing a resume. You’ll read the newspaper, and discuss and write about current events. We’ll help you speak in a more natural way, so that you can converse with native English speakers and be more easily understood.

LEVEL 3 is our advanced class. You’ll learn to use complex sentences to connect ideas, describe actions in different times, and express cause and effect. You’ll analyze the subtle differences between words with similar meanings, to help you choose the right word for the right situation and express exactly what you want to say. You’ll read challenging fiction and journalism, enjoy podcasts and videos, and discuss current events. We help you improve accuracy and fluency, and gain confidence in social and work settings.

When you register, a Centro teacher will ask you a few questions to help you join the right class. Our English classes meet twice a week, from 6:15 to 9:00pm, for 12 weeks. Tuition: $95.

Our spring semester begins in March. Interested in taking a class or joining our mailing list? Click here

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Why I study at Centro

For me, Centro means I can study English easily, without fear of making mistakes all because the atmosphere is wonderful in this school. At Centro I overcame my fear, my barrier. Teachers and students in Centro feel happy and enjoy communication with each other and that makes Centro special. Luba B.