Excellent, affordable adult education for all New Yorkers

Centro's educational program is student-centered, communicative, active, and practical. As teachers of English, Spanish and Citizenship, we help you achieve your learning goals, whether you want to navigate the challenges of daily life as a new New Yorker, become a citizen, advance professionally, or simply learn for the sake of learning, while making new friends. We understand that learning - especially a new language - can be challenging and even intimidating for adults, so we create a classroom environment in which teachers support students, students support each other, and we have fun learning together.

Learn English (ESOL)

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced English speaker, a new immigrant, a professional in a global business environment, or a visitor seeking to improve your English over a few weeks, our English language classes can help you develop the skills you need to gain employment, advance your education, exercise your civic and legal rights and obligations, and be a full and active participant in the English-speaking community.

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Learn Spanish

We offer Spanish language classes to students of all levels. Our students come to Centro from a variety of backgrounds, with goals ranging from professional development to the simple joy of learning a new language. Your teachers will be native Spanish speakers, with two teachers assigned to each class to maximize individual attention. Class outings and special Centro events will enhance your learning. Classes meet one evening a week for 13 weeks.

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Prepare for the Citizenship Exam

Our free Citizenship class can help you prepare for the USCIS Naturalization interview and test, and complete your application, while strengthening your English language skills and giving you a background in American history and government that will help you understand TV news, read the newspaper, and discuss current events.

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Are you an English speaker learning Spanish? A Spanish speaker learning English? Come to our weekly Intercambio to converse and share language and culture with other students, over refreshments and informal activities. We also schedule English and Spanish classes on the same evenings so that you can practice with native speakers of your new language during your nightly break.